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Reward Engine Technology

The primary motive behind a loyalty program is to retain customers by rewarding them for their repeat Using/Purchasing behavior. 

Make your business stand out and your customers happy

Traffic and Sales Increase

Customer retention

Interest for Token Value

Some example cases 

  • Being rewarded for running!

    With the Golden Steps Application, hundreds of thousands of athletes earn crypto-currency by spending calories. Reconciling the motivation to run with the desires of shopping. "Since I use StepCoin I am much more motivated for my daily jogging, I am excited to run and spend more calories because as soon as I finish I can pocket my tokens! "

  • Ecology becomes a winning investment!

    Thanks to an innovative reward program of good deeds, carpooling becomes very profitable. Indeed, each trip brings tokens to the drivers and passengers. This will encourage the ecological actions and everyone's wallet. "I use carpooling as a driver and passenger. Collecting crypto currency is exciting, I regularly monitor the value of my tokens, and I use carpooling to earn more."

  • Loyalty points take on another dimension!

    The points you earn at your favourite supermarket go to the next level. Cryptocurrency, this technology of the future, is now available in your loyalty cards. In addition to accumulating points over time, they will also increase in value and you can exchange them for cash!

“Rewarding customers is at the heart of an efficient relationship. Blockchain technology allows us to take this this concept to the next level.”

Customer loyalty programs aren’t realizing their full potential because of low consumer retention and redemption rates, time delays, and high prices. The blockchain can overcome all this here!

Customer loyalty and commitment can build or break businesses and, as such, reward programs are strategic investments for all kinds of organizations. However, as they have grown rapidly, they are still in difficulty due to their inefficiency. There are several reasons for this, but above all, we believe that the scarcity of common and universal management systems is one of the main causes of members’ lack of activity.

How consumers react with reward ?

In a recent, comprehensive primary research study by the Deloitte Center for Financial Services (DCFS) on pricing and innovation:


80 percent of respondents said that they were much more likely to choose a service that offered them rewards for being good customers.


89 percent of Millennial respondents said that they were much more likely to choose a service that offered them rewards for being good customers.

Source: Deloitte 2018 




Increase customer engagement

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Reward your users for free!
  • 15 000 Transactions
  • 30 000 API Requests
  • Standard Email Support
  • Free use of Peer-to Peer Reward & Token
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Engage users even more!
  • 150 000 Transactions
  • 300 000 API Requests
  • Standard Support
  • Reward Customization (paid)
  • Token Customization Option (paid)
Go above and beyond!
  • 500 000 Transactions
  • 1 000 000 API Requests
  • Premium Support
  • Reward Customization (paid)
  • Token Customization Option (paid)
Rewards beyond compare!
  • 1 000 000 Transactions
  • Unlimited API requests
  • VIP Support
  • Reward Customization (paid)
  • Token Customization Option (paid)