SmartBlock Technologies was part of the Better World Forum event for the launch of the Better World Coin, a crypto currency that has a charity purpose.

SmartBlock Technologies participation

Press conference

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During the 72nd Festival de Cannes, Break the Ice TV has covered the monaco better world forum, an event in which we were fully involved.

One of the main topics was the launch of the Better World Coin in partnership with us to assist charitable organizations in their fundraising, traceability of donations, data security and reduction of intermediary costs.

This innovative platform will facilitate small donations at scale in a secure, transparent fashion, thus helping to attract a new generation of youth to donate to charitable causes and help non-profits become more financially effective. Blockchain technology combined with the use of social media enables global reach, while lowering fundraising costs to a minimum. SmartBlock Technologies’ mission is to put new technologies at the service of humanity in order to build a better world.

You can read the full article in Breaktheicetv website

At this event was also present NBC29 from the United States, they were totally awared about the importance of this Ocean impact day.
Better World Coin, was obviously at the heart of the article and also SmartBlock technologies as the key partner.

You can read the full article on NBC29 website.

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