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Introducing the Reward Engine.

Our flagship product, the Reward Engine enables companies to reward their users while empowering, engaging and building their community.
Implementing our reward system is as easy as ABC, it is a Plug-and-Play solution which you which starts at 0 USD* per month only, yes, it starts for free. You define your reward rules and parameters from A to Z.
Blockchain enables to record why and when the rewards happen adding a new level of analytics possibilities to your business.

*Ethereum Gas fees not included.

Reward Engine Users

Gamification of Life

Gamification of micro-tasks is an incentive to have good behaviors. Whether you share a post or help a neighbor. You should get rewarded.


Customer incentives have been reinvented by us in order to create, reward and manage rewards in a better way


Our reward engine is Blockchain agnostic. Hence we work just as well on Ethereum as on Eos, and more blockchains to be announced soon.

"Empowering communities by providing a robust framework for Loyalty, Incentive and Reward Programs with the use of Blockchain and Crypto"

Start rewarding your customers today!

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Use Cases

Fitness App

Rewarding Steps is seamless now. The more you walk the more coins you get, and you can use them in plenty of places, an online marketplace (to buy iPhones, experiences, and more), on exchanges and at a network of partners. Partnerships with Adidas and Decathlon. Problem: Get people to walk more. Solution: Rewarding people without compromising their data as opposed to SweatCoin and others.

Medical Booths

Rewarding medical efforts has never been easier. Thanks to our client's medical AI powered pod, you can step in, and in a few minutes, get a diagnostics, results, or more Problem: Get patients to be more motivated to have a healthy lifestyle. Solution: Reward Engine with customized Token. Patients will earn more crypto the more efforts they make and will be able to reduce insurance costs and others...

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